Agri Mount Ararat Ski Tour Scale the Snow Slopes & Tackle the Mountain

Agri is a province in Turkey that is situated in Eastern Anatolia and extends to the Iranian border. It is one of the highest regions in the country with extraordinary mountain formations, and an Agri Mount Ararat Ski Tour Scale the Snow Slopes will let you Tackle the Mountain. The stunning scenery, skiing and mountaineering are popular in this region with local and international sports fanatics.  Read More...

Agri Mount Ararat Ski Tour Scale the Snow Slopes & Tackle the Mountain

The province of Mount Agri has lots of opportunities for trips to the Ishak Pasa Palace that is in Dogubayazit Dogubeyazit, Tombs in Patnos, The Meteor Hole in Sancavus Village and Lake Balik near Taslicay Village. Mount Ararat tours / Agri tours has a snow-capped dormant volcano, and it is spectacular to see. The highest peak in Turkey rises to an astonishing 16,945 feet (5165 meters) Mount Ararat Noahs ark is one popular site, and it is said to be where Noah's Ark rested on its journey during the big flood.

The mountain is known to be the first place Noah had set foot on after the disaster occurred. A geological hollow was unearthed close to the Uzengili village that has the shape of an Ark that makes it a popular destination for tourists. The magnificent snow-capped dormant volcano as it is also known as Mount Ararat Noah. The highest peak in Turkey rises to 16,945 feet and is perfect for Ararat trekking tours. It is known as the legendary ancient site where Noah's Ark rested on its summit during the big flood. Mount Ararat ski tour offers magnificent panoramic scenery; the skiing and mountaineering Ararat trekking tour are popular in this region with local and international visitors.

Best Time To Visit Agri

If you are looking to climb Mount Ararat on an Agri trekking tour the best time would be the middle of July to the beginning of Septemeber when it is warm and dry. The worst time would be October to February where you can expect blizzards and would only recommend for advanced climbers. If you are looking to go skiing the best time would be March and April when there is good snowfall. Avoid the summer months of June to September when there is less snow

Typical Costs in Agri

Costs will vary and depend on when you decide to travel to Agri. Prices of food will also depend on where you dine. Local restaurants are reasonably priced. If you're on a budget, street food would be an ideal option, hotels may be more expensive but are worth every penny you spend. If you are skiing the restaurant and cafes at the ski resort may be a little more. Transport is very reasonable and is very easy to get around.

Know Before Visiting Agri

For travel to Turkey, you may need a visa before entering. Please check with the embassy for visa advise for your country. Make sure you keep all your important documents safe and if possible keep in your hotel safe. If you are going on a Mount Ararat trekking tour or going to do a bit of skiing make sure you pack suitable clothing and footwear.

Weather in Agri

The weather in the Agri region is varied and depending on whether you want to skiing or climb Mount Ararat on a trekking tour or just do a bit of sightseeing. The summer months of June to September are warm and dry. If you travel from October to February this is when you will get the most severe weather with blizzards. March to April are cool and can expect snow so is great for skiers. May and June are when you may get a lot of rainfall and can be cool.

Dining And Nightlife in Agri

Ağrı has beautiful scenery and is very mountainous, and people come to do Mount Ararat tours so understandably you will not find a vast choice of bars and clubs. You will find some local restaurants serving authentic traditional Turkish food which is said to be one of the finest cuisines around the globe. You may find some local Turkish bars to enjoy a wine or beer or the traditional Turkish drink Raki. You will find that your hotel may have a better choice of international dishes depending on where you are staying.

Shopping in Agri

Shopping in Ağrı will be limited to traditional Turkish souvenirs which will make ideal gifts to bring back to your loved ones. You will find things like Carpets, leather, jewellery, silks, and lots of traditional Turkish home decor. There will be some local markets which are usually on a set day of the week. Here you will be able to haggle to get an even better bargain.

How to Reach Agri

You can fly in Agri from most major cities in Turkey. Agri airport is only about 8km from Agri city centre.

You can take a bus to Agri from any major city in Turkey like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

Collection time for pick up to any airport from Agri is approximately 2 - 3 Hours prior to your flight departure.

Let the Agri activities begin!

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