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You'll find things in Amsterdam, that you won't see anywhere else in the world! Known as The City of Canals and sometimes even described as the 'Venice of The North', Amsterdam is the ultimate in weird and wonderful treasures and you're sure to find something entertaining on Amsterdam guided tours.

When we picture Amsterdam, we picture bicycles parked on a bridge over the canal and its no dreamt up scene with more bicycles than cars, and even people for that matter, we would definitely recommend taking an Amsterdam guided bicycle tour to see the city from a different perspective with a local guide.

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Without a doubt the regular tourist attractions of Amsterdam are excellent but the other, darker and alluring side of Amsterdam is a lot more exciting with Red Light District walking tours and Coffee Shop crawls, let your imagination and free spirit run wild. You’ll definitely come back from Amsterdam with some memorable stories to tell your friends!

There are limitless things to do in Amsterdam in any weather and many of these adventures lie beyond the standard tourist paths of the city centre. To guide you through the abundance of wonders, we’ve selected the best of best to give you the ultimate experience with Amsterdam Tours.

Amsterdam Tours Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time of year to visit Amsterdam?

For the best weather and fewer crowds, the later months of Spring and earlier months of autumn are the best times to visit Amsterdam. From mid-November to early February is Amsterdam's wettest weather yet tourists still visit Amsterdam in these months with great value winter deals on accommodation and flights. Expect big crowds in April as the Dutch capital celebrates it's annual King's Day holiday on the 27th.

Is Amsterdam a safe place to visit?

Being the number 1 safest city in Europe and 6th in the entire globe, Amsterdam is without a doubt a safe place to visit. As you'll find when visiting any other city, Amsterdam has areas you'll want to stay clear from especially after hours. The Red Light District is an area we would recommend staying away from at night unless you're on a Red Light District guided tour. Taking pictures in this area is strictly prohibited and will most definitely upset the locals. As always, keep your valuables close when you're touring anywhere in Amsterdam. Stay vigilant and stay out of shady situations, which are VERY easy to find.

What is the nightlife like in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is ready to party, through to the early hours of the morning, any day of the week. There are clubs, venues and festivals in Amsterdam to suit every taste. With some popular clubs located in the suburbs of Amsterdam, the main places to be in the centre are Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Both of these districts offer a variety of dance clubs, bars and casual clubs that are popular with the local students. The Leidseplein offers a variety of live music venues, plus a bunch of cheerful Irish pubs. For concerts, Amsterdam’s three biggest venues – the Ziggo Dome, Johan Cruijff Arena and AFAS Live are in Amsterdam Zuidoost. LGBTQ bars and clubs are located throughout the city, but you’ll find the most options near the Reguliersdwarsstraat and Warmoesstraat.

Can I visit Amsterdam on a budget?

Planning your trip to Amsterdam in advance is a sure way to save money and take advantage of great deals. Accommodation and flights should be booked ahead of time and any Amsterdam tours you wish to take should be booked before you arrive. In the summer months with greater crowds in Amsterdam, ques for monuments and museums will have a significant waiting time, which is why we recommend buying skip the line tickets online or skip the line guided Amsterdam tours before you arrive. Eating and dining out obviously can't be planned beforehand but there are plenty of places to eat and drink in Amsterdam on a budget. 

What are the drug laws in Amsterdam?

All hard drugs in Amsterdam are illegal. 'Soft' drugs such as Cannabis are legal under the laws of 'Personal Use' and widely tolerated given it's sold and taken under strict terms and conditions. Only two types of shops are authorised to sell drugs in the Netherlands. Smart shops, where you can buy truffles and other legally permitted drugs, and coffee shops where you can buy and smoke cannabis. If you have any questions or concerns, the staff in these places are happy to help you and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their advice.

We are in Amsterdam for the weekend, what would you recommend we see and do?

Amsterdam is a popular European destination for weekend city breaks. There's so much to see and do, we'd recommend you start with the most popular activities. Joining an Amsterdam Bike Tour or Zaandijk Windmill & Picnic Tour should be first on your list! After, you could then hop aboard an Amsterdam canal cruise and take in the relaxing settings and spectacular views of the city. Don't forget to buy your tickets from us to save time and money! Live Erotic shows should also be on the list, because why not? Live a little! You'll find plenty of these shows in The Red Light District and tickets for these can also be bought online. Check out our Amsterdam Tours for more weird and wonderful experiences to see the most of Amsterdam while you are there.