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One of the most popular destinations in central Europe, Prague has recently become a hot tourist destination and as a result is still fairly hidden and less-visited compared to cities like London, Paris, and Barcelona. If you’re looking for a lively destination without as many crowds, Prague is where you need to be! Experience the culture, parks and recreational fun on private Prague tours.

The city is a breathtaking mix of baroque, gothic and renaissance architecture that is hard to find anywhere else in Europe. Dating back to the ninth century, Prague's castle is known to be as largest castle complex in the world, covering an impressive 70,000 square metres. Take our guided archaeology and history experience tour to hear the secrets and stories of this historic city from your local guide.

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Prague also has some of the best-kept parks in Europe. Stromovka is the biggest park and the Wallenstein gardens are stunning with fountains and peacocks to complete the atmosphere. A private electric scooter tour of these parks is the perfect way to see them and super fun for all the family!

After all that exploring you'll want to relax and there's no better excuse to enjoy a pampering spa day. The Czech Republic is famous for its natural mineral water that’s said to have healing properties, so this is the perfect place to check out a traditional bohemian spa. 

Prague Tours Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is Prague? Can i stick a budget while I'm there?

Prague is known to be the cheapest city compared to other European locations. You can spend a little but see a lot on your trip to Prague. Try to book accommodation close to Old Town. Old Town is the most centrally located, historic heart of the city, and almost everything that you’ll want to do will be within walking distance from this area this then cuts the cost of using public transport while touring the city. If you do choose to use public transportation, you’ll find that it is inexpensive and easy to navigate. The cost of transportation is quite low and likely won’t make a major dent in budgeting on your trip. For foodies, Prague is a delight! The options of food and eateries are endless and very affordable where ever you choose to dine. Take advantages of lunch deals and street food options. Our Prague food by foot tour is a great way to discover the city, have a few drinks and relax while tasting great Czech foods. 

What's the nightlife like in Prague?

There are plenty of bars and clubs in Prague that host a huge seletion of live music performances, ranging from indie-alternative to classic jazz, if you love seeing live music, make sure to take advantage of the incredible nightlife in Prague. Additionally, Prague is well known for putting on amazing opera performances in beautiful, embellished venues. If you are a fan of opera and able to splurge a bit on a ticket for a National Theatre performance, you will not regret it as a show at the National Theatre is truly a magical experience. If there is one thing Czechs do best, it's their beer and It's quite obvious considering they are the largest beer consumers per capita in the world. With plenty of traditional pubs and beer halls, there is tons of places to sit and chill with a cold Budvar. Maybe a night on the town is not your scene or you're all partied out? Check out the local Prague casinos, the head of Prague’s nightlife! The vibrant city of Prague has casinos throughout the city, with most of them being on the famous Wenceslas Square.

When is the best of year to visit Prague?

Prague is charming in every season and has lots to offer throughout the year. Prague is at its most energetic in the summer months of July and August. Late spring and early fall are a little less touristy with less intense crowds. The slowest times are during the cold months of November, December, January, February, and into March, so if you don't mind the cold and prefer fewer tourists, this would be a great time for you to take a tour around Prague. The month of November and December are so beautiful and festive, Prague is decorated with colourful Christmas lights and the amazing Christmas markets are open. Take a Prague Christmas market tour with a local guide and walk around these enchanting markets, you'll even get a cup of hot chocolate and festive snacks too! There are also Easter markets in the Spring and these fun for all the family. 

What are the best ways to travel around Prague?

Touring the city of Prague on foot is a treat for the eyes and many of the most significant attractions are within walking distance of one another. This is why our top guided tours are Prague guided walking tours. There is a huge public transportation system that includes bus, tram and subway lines in Prague. Apart from walking, the metro and trams are you're next best bet. The Metro Line A offers access to the most tourist attractions, so it may be with looking into selecting a hotel near one of the stations on this line. Please note there is a process in Prague for validating your tickets. You must validate them before boarding transport as controllers will be checking and issuing fines on the spot for invalidating tickets. If you're unsure, please ask the staff and the station for help and information. 

Is Prague a safe place to visit?

Prague is a safe city, the rate of crime is low and many areas of Prague are safe to walk around even after dark. We would suggest travellers are careful on Wenceslas Square as, usually packed with tourists, the crowds make things easy for pickpockets. Pickpocketing is an issue in Prague and taking the usual precautions like keeping an eye on your wallet and securing your bags are necessary. You can always use a money belt or an under-your-clothes neck pouch as a precaution. Prague is a perfect city for sightseeing tours, enjoying delicious food and experiencing the great nightlife. If you have a chance to visit taking the necessary precautions so nothing spoils such your journey to this marvellous medieval city.

We are in Prague for a weekend only, what would you recommend to do?

Picture beautiful palaces, castles, churches, riverbank and bridges all coming together in one intoxicating mix and top the whole thing off with some really good Pilsner ale. That's Prague. There's so much to see and do it might be hard to know where to start. We recommend taking a guided Prague walking tour with a local to see the sights and hear the fascinating history from your official guide. Taking a grand city tour of Prague on e-scooter and segway is a fun activity for all the family. Firstly, stop will be in Letná park which offers the best views of Prague and also has the biggest beer garden in Prague with a unique local atmosphere. You'll then see Prague Castle and the most beautiful park in Prague – Petrin Park. After a couple more stops on bikes, you'll then switch to Segways and make your way around Wenceslas and Old Town square. If you're looking for something slower-paced and unforgettable, why not try out hot air balloon ride over Prague. Leave the bustling hubbub of Prague behind and be transported out into the serene fertile landscapes of the Czech Republic. Take in the unparalleled views of forests, lakes, castles & villages and a glass of sparkling wine to toast your magical voyage.