Best Places to Discover in Amsterdam

Best Places to Discover in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, which isn’t ready to make changes in its natural and traditional appearance. There are abundant of bars, museum, coffee shops, restaurants, and shopping centers. The 400 years old waterways, bridges, and buildings put a deep impact on the tourism and the place is getting popular for travel art and travel culture. The city is unique and impressive, but  there some places that one should  visit during the business or private tour

Visit Historical Museum of Amsterdam   

Amsterdam museum is a splendid example of historical place and has eight hundred years old things in it. Joods Historich Museum and  Museum Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder depict the Jewish history and contain hundreds of years old artifacts. The life is shown in paintings and photos while round the year different exhibitions are conducted the management. Almost every museum has own cafes which provide services to the tourists. 

Impressive Floral Shops


Flower shops instantly grab the attention of the visitors which have fresh and artificial flowers. The flower shops in Amsterdam provide stunning flower paintings which present the old culture and tradition Netherland. Bloemenmarket is famous because of the increased tulip sale while Reypenaer has no parallel in flavorful cheeses. Zaanse Schans symbolizes the clog and traditional crafts. 

Amsterdam’s Canal Belt

Amsterdam is surrounded by canal rings which keep the city in the bay. You get immense peace of mind and instantly forget the worries of life when walk in the eye-appealing environment of the canal. Museum Quarter, jordaan, and Pijp are the famous places that are found across the waterways. Moreover, there are various galleries, shopping centers, and historic Brouwersgracht which is the most preferable residential place. 

Picnic in the Vondelpark

The park name is a tribute to the famous poet  Joost van den Vondel whose verses revolutionized the living standards of the local people. The activity is witnessed on the evening when hundreds of people come and enjoy the weather and culture of the area. There are several sculptures present in the park, including Picasso. Families and children eat, drink and enjoy the festivity every day. 


Food streets are everywhere is the Amsterdam and people enjoy delicious food items. The best time of enjoying food is May and July as food trends in these months are really outstanding.  Fish, Italian and Thai food are also available which tourists can order and enjoy. Family-run Stubbe's Haring near the Centraal Station is the best option for the Dutch eating experience. 

Red Light District


Red Light District is a small place and has much historical significance. Though, the reputation of the area isn’t good and notorious at the international level, but the actual situation isn’t as bad as people consider it. There are various sex shops, outrageous toys, movies and other objectionable items. The Red Light District is present in a triangular shape where you see several multi-cultural community of prostitutes, tourist, and carpenters. Overall, the area is interesting if you only want to see the local culture and traditions. 

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