Best Places to Witness Northern Lights from Very Close

Best Places to Witness Northern Lights from Very Close

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a magical and stunning phenomenon of nature. The dramatic viewing of unearthly light and sound wonder every eye and it seems that you’re no longer the part of this world and become an element of heaven. The wonderful view amazed every sight and enforced them to think and evaluate the secret of nature. Aurora Borealis named to these lights after the Roman goddess of dawn. Since its first spectacle, the Northen lights have become the attention of the tourists and they always try to find out the best place from where they can observe them from very close. Best places to witness Northern Lights from very close will indicate some suitable places which are closer to the natural phenomenon. 

Must-see Best Places to Witness Northern Lights from Very Close

Svalbard, Norway 

The location of Svalbard is well-suited for seeing the Aurora. It’s present into the Arctic Circle and up between the 74th and 81st parallel, which is higher than latitude. Indeed, it’s the end of North and you can’t move further towards the North direction.

November to February is the best time to see these lights while if you come in other months, you will also get a chance to see polar bears and reindeer. In order to reach the Svalbrad, you’re required to flight from the UK to Oslo and then Svalbard where you can stay in the base camp hotel. 

Kakslauttanen, Finland 

Kakslauttanen is another favorite  place to gaze the amazing view of Northen Lights even by sitting in your traditional cabin or from the  glass igloo.

Urho National Park is located closer to the base camp where you can visit when there are minimum chances of viewing the Aurora. In addition to the park, you can visit the Russian border and Santa Home situated very close to Kakslauttanen. Unfortunately, there is no direct conveyance and you have to take the 30-minute ride from Ivalo. However, the flights are available from London, Edinburg, and Manchester. 

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden 

The remote location of Jukkasjärvi where makes it difficult to access also makes it a significant place for viewing the Aurora. The tourists fly Stockholm and then get ready for Kiruna. However, if you choose to travel by road, then you are required to travel 36 hours to reach the Jukkasjärvi.

The Ice hotel and some base camps are there for accommodation, but the prices are quite higher. Moreover, you can do other snow activities and enjoy the eye-appealing landscape as well. 

Reykjavick, Iceland

It’s known as the most affordable, accessible and suitable place for Northern Lights. However, the presence of these facilities also increasing accommodation problems because every year the number of visitors is dramatically increasing. It’s an amazing place with many other beautiful and stunning sights.

You can see natural volcanoes, blue ice and geysers which enrich the worth of the tour by making you feel happy on selecting the place. Affordable flights with reasonable prices are available 24/7 while there is no issue regarding security, food, restaurant, visa terms and public transport. 

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