Uncover Uplifting Cappadocia & Its Treasures on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Immerse yourself in fantasy and uncover Cappadocia treasures, be captivated on a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon ride, see the honeycombed hills, distinctive chimneys and tall cone-shaped rocks that are clustered in the Monks Valley. Cappadocia tours are one of the many highlights when visiting this region of Turkey. A great way to see all of the beautiful valleys that lie between the stunning Goreme and charming Cavusin is on any Cappadocia Turkey tours.   Read More...

Uncover Uplifting Cappadocia & Its Treasures on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Cappadocia balloon ride is a fantastic way to explore the rolling stone and rippling of the cliffs with their green landscape that was formed by the volcanic eruptions, the vegetable plots and vineyards that are tended to by the local farmers. Many tours of Cappadocia will show you the hermit hideouts carved into the soft volcanic rock.

The early Christians that fled Roman persecution fled to this area and found refuge in the caves that you can see and explore on a best Cappadocia tours. They also made outhouses, stables, storage and workrooms. There is an excellent hiking potential in Cappadocia with rigid valleys and lots of history that are all great to see when on a Cappadocia full day tour that will intrigue all visitors to Cappadocia. See all these amazing sights and learn all about the history on tours of Cappadocia.

Best Time To Visit Cappadocia

The weather in Cappadocia from June-August which is the summer season is when temperatures are at there highest, and you will find it uncomfortable to travel around. In May and September, it will be warm but comfortable, and it is when the temperatures are more relaxed and enjoyable to book Cappadocia tours.

Typical Costs in Cappadocia

Costs will vary and depend on when you decide to take any Cappadocia tours. Prices of food will also depend on where you dine, local restaurants are reasonably priced, and if you're on a budget, street food would be an ideal option. If you choose to drink or eat at your hotel, it can be a little more expensive.

Know Before Visiting Cappadocia

You will need to obtain a visa before entering Turkey apply before you purchase any of your Private Cappadocia Tours. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear when visiting any religious destinations. Have a digital copy of your passport with you and leave it with any other documentation at your accommodation.

Weather in Cappadocia

The weather is good most of the year from June until the end of October the weather is fantastic and gets scorching from July until September with temperatures of 45 degrees! If you are booking a Cappadocia tour or balloon ride is a must and the best time is from May to November when the weather is at its best.

Dining And Nightlife in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a small rural village with ancient ruins and magnificent mountains so in terms of dining and nightlife many visitors on Cappadocia Tours tend to stay in their hotels as the stays in this region are short. There are some beautiful places to eat like Hans Restaurant which serves traditional Turkish food; there are some wine bars with live Turkish music also which can be perfect for some tourists and if you want food that is non-traditional try Madam Qin Chinese Restaurant.

Shopping in Cappadocia

A shoppers paradise is what many people will say about Turkey and this is evident when you go on any Cappadocia Tours as they will stop off at Ceramic Stores, Leather Shops and carpet shops during the tour day. The bargins you will get on these tours can be really good and discounts can be quite high, many shops will give you refreshments, have fashion shows and assist you in choosing the best products they have.

How to Reach Cappadocia

Fly into Kayseri Erkilet Airport from any major city in Turkey and Cappadocia is only 75km away by land and will take an hour get there. 

Flying from Nevsehir Cappadocia is approximately 40km which is a drive of around 45 minutes.  

Land transport and buses from cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir are readily available and include services to Nevsehir and Göreme.  

Collection time for pick up to any airport from Cappadocia is approximately 2 - 3 Hours before your flight departure. 

Let the Cappadocia activities begin!

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See Magical Places on a Standard Cappadocia Balloon Ride
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1 to 2 hours Scheduling Shared Cappadocia
Experience the Mystery on a Deluxe Cappadocia Balloon Ride
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Sensational landscapes as you experience the Mystery on a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride Deluxe package with a maximum of 8 - 12 people per basket.

48 customer recommendations
1 to 2 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Cappadocia
Enjoy a Private Day Tour to Cappadocia from Istanbul
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Enjoy Cappadocia from Istanbul day tour where you will explore the Devrent Valley, Fairy chimneys, Uchisar rock-castle, and Goreme open-air museum with flights included.

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7-Day Classic Tour from Istanbul to Gallipoli, Troy, Ephesus, Pamukkale and Cappadocia
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Explore the main historical sites in Turkey during this 7-day Turkey tour that begins and ends in Istanbul and visiting 7 fantastic destinations that are full of history.

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Magical Flights on a Comfort Cappadocia Balloon Ride
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Shoot for the sky on a birds-eye view of the magical scenery on a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride comfort package with a maximum of 16 people per basket.

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1 to 2 hours Scheduling Shared Cappadocia
Best of Istanbul and Cappadocia 6 Days Private Tour
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Experience the delights of Turkey and visit Istanbul and Cappadocia sightseeing tours to enjoy the fabulous cities in Turkey and visit the most incredible attractions.

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Istanbul and Cappadocia on a 5 Day Private Tour
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Travel on this Istanbul and Cappadocia tour to discover the fantastic attractions in Turkey, including Hagia Sophia, Imperial Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace and more.

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Feel the Magic of the Fairy Chimneys on a Southern Cappadocia Turkey Tour
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Experience beautiful Southern Region on Cappadocia Turkey Tours on this group tour visit The Red Valley, Cavusin, Kaymakli Underground City and the lovely Pigeon Valley.

12 customer recommendations
7 to 9 hours Scheduling Shared Cappadocia
2 Days Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul with Cave Hotel and Balloon Ride
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See Cappadocia in 2 days with this tour which includes two full-day tours that will ensure you make the most out of your tour by seeing the best sites in Cappadocia.

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Discover the Hidden Secrets of Turkey on a 22 Days Tour
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This is a spectacular 22 days tour of Turkey where you will discover some hidden secrets of Turkey. You will visit a vast amount of places which will leave you in awe.

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Private Exclusive Captivating Cappadocia Balloon Ride
5 reviews

This exclusive private Cappadocia Balloon Ride is luxury all the way, perfect for proposals or special occasions. The balloon sits 4 people in theatre view seating.

15 customer recommendations
1 to 2 hours Scheduling Private Cappadocia
3 Days Tour to the Mesmerising Cappadocia & Pamukkale from Istanbul
5 reviews

With this fantastic tour package, you will get to explore the highlights of Turkey in 3 Days where you will visit 2 of the most famous sights Cappadocia and Pamukkale.

14 customer recommendations
3 days Scheduling Shared Istanbul
Discover Mystical Turkey on a Exciting 16 Days Tour
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Go on a mystical adventure on this amazing 16-day tour from Istanbul visiting some fantastic places including Mt. Nemrut, and Mardin with unique old-Arab style houses.

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3 Days Full of Mesmerising Magic and Mystery on this Cappadocia Tour
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Experience the marvel of the Cappadocia Red, Green and Blue Tour on this magical and mystery 3 day Cappadocia Tour full of awe-inspiring sights.

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3 days Scheduling Shared Cappadocia
Magical Cappadocia Tour by Flight from Antalya
4 reviews

Discover the magical landscape of Cappadocia on a full-day tour from Antalya that explores Pasabag, Kaymakli Underground City, Goreme National Park, and Uchisar Castle.

8 customer recommendations
1 days Scheduling Semi-Private Antalya
Full Day Private Historical Konya Tour from Cappadocia
4 reviews

This full-day Konya tour from Cappadocia shows you the highlights and some magnificent sights of the significant historical city of Konya in the south-west of Turkey.

7 customer recommendations
13 to 14 hours Scheduling Private Konya
3 Day Tour to Spellbinding Cappadocia from Istanbul
3 reviews

Experience this magnificent full three day Cappadocia Turkey Tour including guide, accommodation and Internal Flight the full package.

9 customer recommendations
3 days Scheduling Shared Istanbul
5-Day Istanbul and Cappadocia Tour with a Hot Air Balloon Flight
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This Turkey tour is great as an introduction for first-time visitors. This sightseeing expedition takes you from the treasures of Istanbul to the rock-cut tombs of Cappadocia.

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5 days Scheduling Semi-Private Istanbul
Experience the Best of Turkey on a 18 Day Tour From Istanbul
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This beautifully constructed 18-day tour ensures you see all the significant sites by a professional guide in comfort; this really is an exceptional tour!

18 days Scheduling Private Istanbul
3-Day Tour to Cappadocia and Ephesus from Istanbul with Return Flights
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While in Turkey makes the most of your time on this 3-day tour to Cappadocia and Ephesus, with return flights included and with an option for a hot air balloon ride.

8 customer recommendations
3 days Scheduling Private Istanbul