Experience the Oasis and Tranquility on a Tour of the Datca Peninsula

A sliver of a mountain and the beach jutting into the Aegean makes an oasis of unspoilt tranquillity amongst the lively resorts of south-west Turkey. Take a Datca tour to the spindly, 50-mile-long Datça spectacular and breathtaking peninsula in Turkey’s Muğla province which is a dagger of pure green at the meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean and is as unsullied as south-west Turkey gets.  Read More...

Experience the Oasis and Tranquility on a Tour of the Datca Peninsula

The ancient Greeks claimed Datça to have been created personally by Zeus, so gorgeous are its rocky outcrops and aquamarine waters. The geographer Strabo stated: “God sent his beloved creatures to Datça for them to live longer.”

So what’s all the fuss about? It’s about pine-crested hills, endless olive groves, empty ravines, cornflower-blue coves, vast sweeping bays and deserted beaches where the air scented with thyme, rosemary and sage, and sleepy villages. It’s about goats on the road and older men tinkering with their worry beads in vine-covered cafes.

Although this backwater peninsula is wedged between Bodrum to the north and Marmaris to the south, the road access and its distance from airports have left it unspoilt. Tourists on a Datca Peninsula tour come and stay in a new cluster of upmarket hotels, and city-dwelling Turks are buying second-holiday homes here, but most visitors still only make short stop-offs on some of the Datca gulet cruises on offer.

Remnants of the Karians who settled here in 5400BC and the cultures of Persia, Lydia, and the Ottoman and Byzantine empires, stud the landscape where there are church ruins, ancient cisterns, tombstones and ruined olive oil facilities which you can see on daily Datca tours.

In the hills above the town, you will find Old Datça which, by the 1980s, was pretty much abandoned, but is now having a mini-renaissance. Then there is a stunning 235-mile coastline to take in Datça’s charming villages and landscapes, and its most precious gem, the ancient Greek ruins of Knidos, a city at the confluence of the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

The peninsula has an abundance of coves, bays, and beaches. Sandy or shingly, they all have the same, alluring, crystalline turquoise waters. Often the sea remains shallow for some distance making it safe for younger children. In Orhaniye, a quiet village there’s an elongated sandbank which you can walk on and go out into the bay. East of Knidos is the charming fishing village of Palamut Bükü which is known for its fish restaurants and its 2km-long beach. Kargi is idyllic with a few vine-shaded cafes and some pensions on a shingle beach, and the small villages of Kızılbük, Hayıtbük and Ovabükü, triple bays in a row, are becoming favourite places to spend a day on the beach.

Eski Datça (Old Datça), once the peninsula’s main village, went into obscurity in the late 20th century. Today it has been partially restored by second homers from Istanbul, Ankara and further afield and you can also take a sightseeing Datca tour. It’s a beautiful patchwork of stone-paved lanes, kitchen gardens, pot plants, bougainvillaea-drenched walls, and little cafes and shops. Drop into the old stone house of the late poet Can Yücel. In his poem, Testament, he wrote: “Bury me, my dear, in Datça. Near that view by the sea.”

Best Time To Visit Datca

High season in the summer sees tourists coming to this Turkish coastal paradise but if you are strictly sightseeing the book your Datca tours in the spring from April to May, or in the Autumn from September to October. It has perfect weather conditions and fewer holidaymakers.

Typical Costs in Datca

Costs will vary and depend on when you decide to travel to Datca, prices of food in local restaurants are more reasonably priced. If you're on a budget, street food would be an ideal option. The hotels are marginally more expensive but are worth it, and local transport is also reasonably priced.

Know Before Visiting Datca

Always check before you travel to Turkey to see if you need to obtain a Visa. Wear appropriate clothing while visiting any religious sites and comfortable footwear when travelling. Keep a copy of your ID with you and be aware of your surroundings at all times while on any Datca tours.

Weather in Datca

The weather in Datca from Jun-Aug high summer season has temperatures at there highest in the '40s, and maybe you will find it challenging to travel around. May and September it will be warm and more comfortable for taking a daily Datca tour, and October to April is when the temperatures start to drop as it will be autumn and spring.

Dining And Nightlife in Datca

When the sun goes down, the promenade along the beach fills up with people. Datca boasts lively, cosmopolitan bars and restaurants selling the day's catch. The atmosphere is chilled, and children are welcome. As the sea lapses against the shore, graze your way through some seafood meze and try the local Datca wine. Datca is a very famous fishing town, so don't forget to taste the exceptional cuisine at the quality of restaurants.

Shopping in Datca

If it is a shopping adventure you seek, then Datca will present many excellent options including the local markets selling fresh produce, small souvenir shops where you can buy a memory to take home with you and some lovely small boutique shops as well as some modern shops.

How to Reach Datca

Datca is located 65km west of Marmaris, one of the main towns connected to buses around other areas of Turkey. Buses from Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Izmir all travel to Marmaris daily and then Datca can be reached by local bus or car. The road D400 is the only way you can reach Datca by land from the resort of Marmaris.

The nearest airports to Datca are Bodrum (Milas) airport, 200km, Dalaman airport, 169km, and Rhodes Island which is a ferry service to Marmaris and then a 45-minute drive to Datca.

From Bodrum, you can also catch the Bodrum to Datca ferry, which takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes and runs every day throughout summer. Vehicles are also accepted onto this ferry.

Let the Datca activities begin!

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