Tour Demre, Famous For Clear Waters, Natural Beauties and Ancient Town

Even though it is a small touristic town of Antalya province, Demre is noted for all over the world and has become famous not only for visitors on day tours to Demre to see the clear water, natural beauties and an ancient Roman town named Myra, but also a pilgrimage stop for believers to pray in the church of St. Nicholas. Santa Claus, the name known as the recognition of Father Christmas throughout the entire world and lived in Demre as a priest once upon a time.  Read More...

Tour Demre, Famous For Clear Waters, Natural Beauties and Ancient Town

Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) who is the patron saint of the island of Sicily, Naples and Bari of Italy, Freiburg of Germany and today even the city of New York in the United States. Believers from all over the globe who come to participate in an international organisation to commemorate religious ceremonies and rituals that are performed in the church of Santa Claus in Demre on December 6 each year that you can witness on tours to Demre. People say that Santa Claus has been the symbol of Demre for centuries.

Demre is a small town of the Antalya province in the Mediterranean region and is 145 km from Antalya city centre. Demre has borders with Finike in the east, Kas in the south and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The town was founded on the land which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is very fertile as the Demre stream brings the alluvial soil. Typical characteristics of the Mediterranean climate can be seen in Demre district where the summers are hot perfect for taking a private Demre tour. The winters can be warm but rainy.

Myra is also known as one of the most important cities of the Lycians, and the establishment of Myra was established sometime in the 5th century BC and can be seen on a Demre archaeological tour. Myra mostly developed during the Roman rule and has enriched its zenith during the Pax Romana-Roman peace around the 1st and 2nd centuries. St. Paul came to Myra before moving from Andriake harbour to go to Rome.

Myra has been an essential administrative and religious centre in the Byzantine period. St. Nicholas served as a bishop in Myra at the beginning of the fourth century AD, and the people of Myra loved him so much. Then Myra became a well-known pilgrimage centre visited by Christians, so Demre has attracted the attention of the Christian world and visitors on a Demre tour in all respects. Demre was a small village during the Ottoman Empire and was known by the name Eynihal and then became a town in 1968 by the merger of four villages with a new name “ Kale-Castle". In 2005 the name Kale was changed into Demre as the decision of the Turkish government.

Let the Demre activities begin!

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