Guided Canakkale Tours of the Gallipoli Peninsula Battlefields & Troy

Private guided tours of Çanakkale are a launching pad for the Gallipoli Battlefields and the ruins of Troy. The Gallipoli Peninsula battlefields are protected landscapes covered in lovely pine forests with surrounding coves, inlays and beaches. Anzac Cove, Lone Pine Cemetery, Chunuk Bair all have very moving monuments to the souls lost in battle and are visited on all guided Canakkale tours.  Read More...

Guided Canakkale Tours of the Gallipoli Peninsula Battlefields & Troy

The bloody battles fought in Gallipoli in 1915 are still prevalent in Turkish and foreign countries memories and are places in Turkish, Australian, British and New Zealand people hold as a large part of their history. Australians, British and New Zealanders visit the Gallipoli Historical site as part of a pilgrimage, and they come in tens of thousands annually to visit and pay their respects to their fallen.

A private tour of Gallipoli National Park will take you hiking to the peak of the site where the panoramic views are stunning.  As you take a walk around the central park in Canakkale, you will see plaques and huge bronze and marble monuments which depict the history and is a stop off on all guided Canakkale tours.

The clock tower dates back to 1897, and the promenade is very popular with the locals and tourists that are on any private tours of Gallipoli. This quaint city is covered in mythological history from Hellespont and Hero to the legend of the Golden Fleece and Helle. Çanakkale guided tours will take you around this beautiful ancient city giving you an insight with many historical stories of Troy and Gallipoli.

Best Time To Visit Gallipoli

Private tours of Gallipoli are visited all year round, but best visited during and between April - May and September -October. The weather is good for touring around these months; it will be enjoyable for sightseeing as there may be fewer crowds at the main attractions. Dress appropriately during the tours, wear sun cream and a hat.

Typical Costs in Gallipoli

Costs will vary and depend on when you decide to visit and book your Canakkale guided tours. Prices of food will also depend on where you dine; local restaurants are reasonably priced. Hotels are more expensive but are worth every penny for quality. Local transport is also reasonably priced, and it is perfect for getting around the city.

Know Before Visiting Gallipoli

Always check before travelling to Turkey as many countries need to obtain a Visa before entering the country. Be aware of your surroundings while on any Canakkale guided tours, wear comfortable footwear and sun protection when travelling. Keep a copy of your passport and leave all the necessary documentation in your accommodation safe.

Weather in Gallipoli

The weather in Canakkale from June to August summer season is when temperatures will be at there highest up to 40 degrees. It can be unbearable to travel around so drink lots of water and rest appropriately. May and September are warm but more tolerable as the temperatures are more relaxed and easier to enjoy Canakkale guided tours. 

Dining And Nightlife in Gallipoli

The Canakkale region is located on the coast so many tourists visit on day tours in terms of dining and nightlight there are some great places to eat out in and some exciting nightlife also. Traditional Turkish food and fantastic fish is a must when you visit this part of Turkey.

Shopping in Gallipoli

Turkey can be a shoppers paradise, and your Canakkale tour guide will assist you in recommendations for Leather Goods, Carpets, Kilims, Ceramic Art and Souvenirs. Many shops will give their customers a Turkish Eye with their purchases to ward off evil. The range of spices and Lokum (Turkish Delight) are huge, and there are many varieties of tea.

How to Reach Gallipoli

Fly into any of the three Istanbul Airports Gallipoli is only approximately 315km away by land and will take 5 Hrs. 

Canakkale Airport code LTBH located across from the Gellibolu peninsula is only a short ferry ride to cross the Dardanelles for the city.

Land transport and buses from cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir are readily available and include services to Canakkale.

Collection time for pick up to any airport from Canakkale is approximately 2 Hours before your flight departure. 

Let the Gallipoli activities begin!

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