Istanbul Tours the Capital of 3 Empires That Lies on 2 Continents

Irresistible Istanbul tours will take you to the grandest and largest city in Turkey, it lies between 2 continents Europe and Asia and along the Bosphorus sea, with an insight into the many different cultural influences and the 3 major empires that ruled there The Ottoman Empire, The Byzantine Empire and The Great Roman Empire you will discover all these and more on any Istanbul guided tours.

Istanbul’s location has attracted many armies over the centuries including the Greeks, Romans, and the Venetians before Ottomans time. Turkey's past is incredible, the world's oldest city was discovered here, at Çatalhöyük ageing it at (7500 BC). Turkey is a modern secular and Western-oriented country with a dynamic economy. The heart of ancient Greek culture is in Turkey, including cities such as Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, Miletus, and Halicarnassus.  Read More...

Istanbul Tours the Capital of 3 Empires That Lies on 2 Continents

There are many Turkish cities have a Roman and Byzantine past which are noted in different ways throughout the country where you will see when on private tours Istanbul. Turkey shares borders with Greece, Bulgaria, the USSR, Iran, Iraq and Syria, and this geographical position means it is neither European nor Asian, nor Middle Eastern, having traces of all three, yet distinct from them. Istanbul guided private tours are a great way to see everything Istanbul has to offer. You will never be disappointed with your visit here to this beautiful country. With so many activities to do and places to see here on best day tours in Istanbul it is possible to see all the highlights that Istanbul Turkey has to offer over a few days.

Best Time To Visit Istanbul

Istanbul experiences hot summers and cold winters so the ideal time to visit the city would be from late March till May and from September till mid-November. During Spring, the weather becomes warm during the day and cooler at night, with less rain. You can expect high temperatures between 18 and 27 degree Celsius. Istanbul guided tours in Spring will show you the colourful Tulips blossom, which plays a significant role in Turkish culture and history.

Typical Costs in Istanbul

Before booking any Istanbul tours or whipping out our spreadsheets to figure out a daily budget. The cost of your trip to Istanbul will vary depending on your individual needs. The cost of food and drink can be very little if you want to try some of the street food your money will go a long way. The transport costs are reasonable, everyone should try the tram that runs through Istanbul's Istiklal Street and is very cheap at less than a Euro.

Know Before Visiting Istanbul

Make sure to check if you need to obtain a visa before travelling. If you are going to visit one of the mosques on Istanbul tours you will need to dress modestly with knees and shoulders covered. Some mosques may have wraps you can use or scarfs for women. There is a lot to see and do while in Istanbul so make sure you plan your time so you can fit all the major attractions into your itinerary. Keep a copy of your passport on your phone.

Weather in Istanbul

Istanbul tours lets tourists and its local inhabitants experience all four seasons in a year and has a cool balmy Mediterranean climate. The city faces -6°C at the lowest temperature and 41°C at the highest temperature. The springtime is warm and short and in the summer season has breezy evenings and the temperature rises to its peak for everyone to enjoy, autumn is long with a clear sky, and finally, the winter is mostly rainy and snowy. 

Dining And Nightlife in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the world’s great foodie destinations. The city is filled with dining options, from fantastic street food to seriously gastronomic high-end restaurants. Istanbul is a city of contrasts and is a modern metropolis with an ancient feel. Nightlife in Istanbul is superb. As much as Istanbul is rich in history, a glamorous nightlife complements the city. In recent years, nightlife in Istanbul has come alive, and the locals will tell you that the nightlife is spread out in all directions throughout the city with little bars, pubs, and cafes.

Shopping in Istanbul

Istanbul's Grand and Spice Bazaars top the to-shop list of most travellers while on Istanbul tours, but bargain hunters and high-end fashionistas alike will also appreciate the range of shops and contemporary malls. Anything from local designer labels to antiques and musical instruments of yesteryear can be found on a shopping expedition through labyrinthine Istanbul. You'll hear "Güle güle Kullan" as you leave—a Turkish saying meaning "use your purchase with joy." Turkey has been the centre of trade and exchanging culture between Asia and Europe and for centuries, it has brought the East and the West together, making a melting point for art, music and so much more. It is little wonder that people travel across the globe to come to shop for a piece of Turkey and global antiques.

How to Reach Istanbul

There are several different ways you can travel to Istanbul but whichever you decide to use to visit Istanbul it will be worth it as once you go on some of Istanbul tours and enter this magnificent city you will never want to leave. 

  • Fly into 1 of 3 of Istanbul Airport's - Ataturk, Sabiha Gokcen and the new Istanbul Airport.
  • You can get the train to Istanbul from most European countries and see the beautiful countryside.
  • You can travel by bus to Istanbul from some European countries or from other regions of Turkey.
  • You can arrive in Istanbul by sea whether it is by boat, ferry or on a cruise liner as it has a major port.

Let the Istanbul activities begin!

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