Lake Orta Private Guided Tour Showing Beautiful Gems & Enchanting Lakes

The most enchanting, serene spots can often be found on the water. On the shore of a lake or by the sea everything seems more beautiful, peaceful. This applies especially to Lago d'Orta, which lies to the west of the larger and more famous Lago Maggiore. Lake Orta is one of the clearest lakes in northern Italy, with beautiful, clean water. This is due to a major cleaning operation that was carried out twenty-five years ago by the CNR - Istituto per lo Studio degli Ecosistemi.

The lake is worth a visit in every season, but autumn is perhaps the best time for your private tour. It is no coincidence that the well-known Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore chose the lake for some scenes in his latest film, La corrispondenza. It is a magical retreat: mystical, quiet and ideal for those who want to relax.

But not only the lake itself is beautiful: the medieval village of Orta San Giulio is perfect for your sightseeing tour. The town is a gem that writers have been able to enchant for centuries. This gem includes atmospheric narrow streets, where you can still feel the breath of past times. On the cosy Piazza Motta, the tables are outside until autumn, with a view of the Palazzotto façade.

Let the activities begin!
Lake Orta Private Guided Tour Showing Beautiful Gems & Enchanting Lakes

During your tour, walk up from this cosy piazza, along with the Salita della Motta, to the Chiesa dell'Assunta, a bright yellow church that was built in the fifteenth century. When you return to the square, take a seat on one of the terraces and indulge in the unique atmosphere and breathtaking view. 

Here, the boats, who are sailing to the Isola di San Giulio for a private guided tour depart. According to tradition, this island, which is less than four hundred meters from the shore of Orta, was once inhabited by poisonous snakes and evil monsters. Nobody dared to come there until San Giulio dared to cross in 390. During a dreadful storm, he sailed across the water in his smoothly converted cloak, with his staff as a compass. Once on the rock, he chased the monsters and snakes and founded a church. Soon the island became a place of pilgrimage, and people from near and far came to church to pray. Modern pilgrims can follow the Via del Silenzio della Meditazione on the Isola di San Giulio, a beautiful spiritual walking path.