Tours to the Province of Mugla a Place Not To Be Missed

Muğla offers an intimate atmosphere where you will hear the antique whispers in the beautiful destinations of sea, sand and sun.

The province of Muğla accommodates the popular holiday cities of Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça and Fethiye. Beautiful resorts, comfortable hotels and motels, cosy guest houses, impressive ruins of past civilisations and magnificent landscapes offer holiday-makers plenty of choices for daily Mugla tours.  Read More...

Tours to the Province of Mugla a Place Not To Be Missed

Not far from the towns in the Mugla Province, you can swim in crystal clear, tideless, warm seas and underwater divers will especially want to explore the several reefs, caves and majestic rock formations. The waters offer up many multicoloured sponges of all shapes and sizes and a great variety of other aquatic life, including octopus.

Bodrum and its hinterland are particularly attractive for its relaxed ambience, historical architecture and its proximity to a great choice of fantastic beaches, fishing villages and trendy nightclubs. With its picturesque shop-lined streets that also offer many restaurants, discos, sophisticated bars and cafes for all ages and tastes, the county is always lively whatever the season. Its delightful charm remains unspoilt with palm-lined streets and whitewashed, flat-roofed houses dotted across the terraced hillsides.

Bodrum is the ancient Halicarnassus, the birthplace of the famous historian Herodotus, and a place known in antiquity for being the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Mausoleum, a gigantic tomb erected for King Mausolus in the fourth century BC. Destroyed by successive earthquakes, the stones of the Mausoleum were then used by the Knights of St John to build their castle nearby all of which can be seen on Mugla tours.

A shining destination on Turquoise Coast is Marmaris, a top-rated summer resort for domestic tourists and foreign visitors taking Mugla tours, and the region has developed massively over the years. Boats are also available at the old harbour for tours to the islands and bays that are around its coast.

An ancient castle which is now a museum overlooks the area around the port and gives you a feeling of the old town's character. In the small shopping centre where you will find upmarket boutiques and intimate restaurants and are a nice contrast with the traditional bazaar area, where hundreds of small shops offer the usual Turkish wares including clothing, leather, jewellery and handicrafts. You could choose to take a Mugla Market tour perfect for all the shopaholics wanting to grab a few bargains and some memories to take home of this beautiful country.

Where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean is Datça, located at the far end of the Aegean coast and on the end of a peninsula that stretches out to the west. It is a famous stopping-point for gulets on a "blue cruise" from either Bodrum or Marmaris. Datça is also a perfect place for fishing and diving, and its winds make it very popular with surfers.

An important historical site in this area is Knidos which is famous in antiquity for its great amphitheatres and is also the site of the Temple of Aphrodite, which housed a beautiful statue of the goddess sculpted by Praxiteles who was one of the most celebrated artists of antiquity which you can see on a private Mugla tour.

The popular resort of Fethiye and around 135km southeast of Marmaris has an outstanding marina at the head of a charming bay. A hill that has ruins of a fortress constructed by the Knights of Rhodes overlooks the small port. Above the county are numerous Lycian rock tombs reproducing the facades of ancient buildings that were cut into the cliff face. The Tomb of Amyntas, which dates back to the fourth century BC, is the most remarkable one. The surrounding area has a wealth of beautiful coves and valleys; places not to be missed are Butterfly Valley, home to thousands of butterflies, and Saklıkent which is accessible only by wading through the ice-cold waters coming straight from the mountains.

Ölüdeniz, meaning the Dead Sea, gets its name from the still waters separating the lagoon from the sea itself. The calm turquoise blue waters and rugged mountains make Ölüdeniz one of Turkey's most beautiful regions.

These are just a few beautiful places that are on the Mugla Province, and there are many guided tours in Mugla you are spoilt for choice.

Best Time To Visit Mugla

The Mugla province is accessible to tourists all year round and has an excellent climate throughout the year, it can be a bit cold and wet from January to Beginning of April, but it's still an excellent time to visit the many historical sites on Mugla daily tours around the area in more tolerable weather. Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris are the most popular tourist's destinations for beach holidays.

Typical Costs in Mugla

Turkey's Mugla region is the ideal holiday to suit any budget! The flights are reasonable prices into Bodrum main airport. The currency is Turkish Lira, best-changing money in Turkey as you get a better rate than you would do back home. The bars and eateries are reasonably priced, and if you love shopping, you can get fantastic bargains here, especially on a Mugla market tour.

Know Before Visiting Mugla

Turkey is a wonderful country, and the locals in Mugla's city and province are very welcoming and helpful, you will fall in love with this country and will keep coming back. If you love shopping, you can haggle as its part of the culture, and you can have some. The local transport is reasonably priced and worth a try.

Weather in Mugla

The weather is great for most of the year, but from June to the end of October, the weather is at its best and gets very hot in July and August with temperatures rising to 45 degrees !! But wherever you go, there is air conditioning everywhere, so if you do not want to lie on a beach somewhere; there is so much to see and do on Mugla tours in this amazing country.

Dining And Nightlife in Mugla

Muğla and its districts, especially in the summer season in terms of nightlife is quite lively and also offers a wide range of international cuisine in the province where you will find all of the restaurants to pubs in environments that appeal to all types of economic income, and you can have fun at the same time you can taste the local cuisine . The bars are open late and the night clubs are popular with the local and foreign tourists, particularly on the coastal region.

Shopping in Mugla

In the Muğla province, the shopping is endless with local markets in all the main town offering everything from fruit and vegetable to designer clothing, souvenirs, textiles, and bags. You will also find high-end fashion in the likes of Borum and Marmaris as well as the many gold and silver shops it really is a shoppers paradise. You could choose to take a Mugla market tour and grab some real bargains, especially if you are brave enough to barter, which can also be very fun. There is something for everyone when it comes to shopping in Turkey.

How to Reach Mugla

Getting to Mugla is very easy as many bus services are coming from all the big cities into the main towns in the Mugla province.

If you are flying, then you can fly into Bodrum airport to reach the resorts of Bodrum, Gumbet and Altinkum.

If you want to reach Marmaris, Fethiye and Olu Deniz, then you can fly into Dalaman airport.

The roads connecting all these places are excellent if you want to hire a car and see all the fantastic places in the Mugla province.

Let the Mugla activities begin!

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