Leave No Stone Unturned on a Tour of Nemrut the Mountain of Gods

Discover one of the highest peaks in Mesopotamia at 2,206 metres above sea level containing the tomb of King Antiochus I of Commagene on Nemru Tours. The gigantic statues of gods that weighing 6 tons and 10 metres tall each and is an indication of what kind of super-human effort was spent on the construction of the tomb. Boulders were the primary material used, which were carried up the mountain from the valley down below, and the crushed rock pieces used to pile over the main tomb chamber to create a 50 ‑metre cone with a 150-metre diameter base that was carried the same way. This original scheme has proven to be effective and prevented grave robbers from gaining access to the inner sanctum. The tomb chamber is still waiting to be accessed, and the treasures inside are awaiting discovery on group tours of Nemrut.  Read More...

Leave No Stone Unturned on a Tour of Nemrut the Mountain of Gods

The breathtaking and magnificent statues of gods and the sanctuary formed along the three aspects of the tumulus are unique, and consequently, was inscribed in the UNESCO List of World Heritage which is one of the reasons an Mt Nemrut tour is very popular with visitors from across the globe.

The Commagene Kingdom dominated the region for around two centuries between 109 BC and 72 AD and appeared to be an astonishing civilisation unifying the cultures and beliefs of the Persian and Macedonian civilisations. It is also thought that Mithridates I Callinicuswho was the founder of the kingdom had ancestral lineage deriving from both Darius the Great of Achaemenid Empire and Alexander the Great of the Kingdom of Macedon, and the relationship had an influence on this unifying process.

For a period of time, Commagene Kingdom was the most powerful state of the region, and other structures of its spectacular heritage could be seen in the Adıyaman province. The burial place of the female members of the Commagene royal family known as the Giant Eagle Royal Tumulus and is adorned with four tall pedestals. Now only one of them stands erect with an eagle sculpture placed on the top. The Necropolis of Perre, which was located in one of the largest settlements (near Pirin Village) where the floor mosaics were unearthed and Arsameia (Eskikale), one of the temene of the Kingdom where the palaces were once standing, are the other sites to visit on Nemrut tours for those who wish to know more about that civilisation more closely.

Those who are interested in the history of cultures will also find artefacts and structures from different civilisations that survived on this land which cradled various civilisations for thousands of years on best tours in Mt Nemrut.

One of the oldest Roman bridges in the Anatolia region is the Severan Bridge from the 1st century AD, which was constructed by the Kingdom of Commagene. The other is the New Castle found in Old Kahta, which was thought to be found in 2nd century BC but was then extensively rebuilt during the Mamluk Sultane domination of the region. One of the essential rituals while on a Nemrut mountain tour is enjoying the magnificent sunrise from the summit. King Antiochus, revering his ancestors in Eastern and Western civilisations, constructed giant statues of gods on the East and West terraces and had their names in both Greek and Persian. So visitors have been coming to enjoy watching the unique sunrise together with the figures of gods for two thousand years.

Let the Nemrut activities begin!

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