The Ancient Centre of Health, Culture and Arts on a Pergamon tour

Pergamon which is now inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2014 and has become very popular for many visitors taking Pergamon tours. Pergamon has been one of the rare settlements that have survived a number of invasions and devastations over the ages but reoccupied again because of its strategic location. Confirmed by the findings of the excavations the prehistory of Pergamon is thought to reach back to the second millennia BC. The city survived Persian domination and the conquest of Alexander the Great. The most prominent phase of its history lasted around one hundred and fifty years when it was the capital of the Pergamon Kingdom in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. At this time, one of the largest libraries of the world was built here, and the city became a healing centre.   Read More...

The Ancient Centre of Health, Culture and Arts on a Pergamon tour

The arts here also flourished, and the city particularly became renowned for magnificent sculptures and during the Roman period, Pergamon kept its significance and developed more becoming "the most famous and magnificent town of the Asia Minor", as represented by the philosopher and author Pliny, the Elder within the first century AD. Visiting Bergama on a Pergamon ancient city tour would provide you with a chance to follow in the steps of the ancient city Pergamon through numerous different experiences.

Every year around a million people visit Bergama and the ruins of the ancient city on Turkey tours to Pergamon, which has witnessed many firsts in its history. The invention of the script has been a significant breakthrough for the history of humanity, and the innovation of parchment was quite crucial as it created a medium, enabling quick and stable recording of scripts. The development of parchment allowed Pergamon to develop a library of manuscripts that rivalled the world-renowned library of Alexandria and helped pave the way to establish the city as an essential centre of science and arts and in the 2nd century BC.

Pergamon had one of the first Seven Churches in early Christianity, and its name is cited in the Bible. The first theatre with a wooden stage; first trade union; initial market law; first public building regulation; strike and collective agreement were amongst different firsts that occurred in the history of Pergamon.

The principal ruins of the ancient Pergamon that comprise all the religious, social and commercial structures, are in the Acropolis and the most remarkable of these include the ruins of Pergamon Library.

This library was one of the largest of the world in that era and hosted a collection of 200 thousand manuscripts; the ten thousand seat theatre where the audience enjoyed the magnificent vista of Pergamon Valley; the Sanctuary of Athena and the Temple of Dionysus; the Sanctuary of Trajan; the Pergamon Gymnasium, which was one the most critical learning institutions of the Hellenistic Era and, the Royal Palaces of Pergamon.

The Base of the Great Altar of Pergamon, or the Zeus Altar, could also be seen in the Acropolis. The thermal springs of Pergamon made the city one of the leading centres of healing and beauty in the antiquity, and many of them reached our times. One of the significant thermal spas of Pergamon is within the Sanctuary of Asclepius which is 4 km to Bergama.

It is believed to be commissioned by King Eumenes of Pergamon and provided beautifying services to Cleopatra who enjoyed bathing there. Alongside its historical and cultural heritage, Bergama also harbours an outstanding natural beauty. Trekking along the route to Kozak Plateau on daily Pergamon tours through the pine forests covering the Kozak mountain range between Bergama and Ayvalık, dotted with ruins and rural landscapes, also provide opportunities for photo safaris while on private Pergamon tours.

Let the Pergamon activities begin!

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