Delve into the Lycian City of Ancient Perge on a Hellenistic Tour

Perge is one of the most famous and well-known cities of Lycian union both in the Hellenistic period and later in the Roman world with a school of sculpture. Explore the city on a tour of ancient perge which was once to be the capital of Pamphylia and once upon a time and was an essential stop for St. Paul.who spent some time in this city in order to advertise Christianity during his missionary journeys in the first century AD. St Paul made a famous speech to the followers of Christ after returning from Cyprus.   Read More...

Delve into the Lycian City of Ancient Perge on a Hellenistic Tour

Go on a private tour to Perge which is located in the east of the border and is about 18 km from Antalya airport and situated on the Aksu River. It takes about 30 minutes to reach Perge from Antalya on a day tour to Perge and belongs to the Antalya province. According to the ancient historian Strabo, Perge was found by colonists from Argos city after the Trojan War in 11th BC.

The sculptures of the leaders Mopsos and Calchas found in the excavations show that they were the mythological founders of Perge. Perge was ruled by the Greeks between the 7th and 6th centuries BC and later ruled by the Persians till the time of the Alexander the Great. After the death of Alexander, Perge was a domain of Antigonos for a short period and then fell under the Seleucid rule and was later added to the Pergamene kingdom. When Attalus III gave the kingdom of Pergamum to Rome Perge became an important Roman city in the region of Pamphylia, and in 79 AD Roman statesman Cicero came to Perge, and a became the governor. From the start of the Roman Empire period, major construction projects were implemented in the city of Perge and became one of the most beautiful cities, not just in Pamphylia but also in the entire province of Asia Minor in the second and third centuries AD.

The first building you see when on Perge tours is the Greek-Roman type theatre which was built on the outskirts south of Kocabelen hill. The seating capacity of the theatre is 13,000 and was used as a gladiator arena where wild animal fights were held during the first, second and mid-third centuries AD. The most distinctive feature of the theatre is the mythological reliefs that decorate the face of this podium. The stadium, to the right of the asphalt road leading to the town from the theatre, is one of the best-preserved stadiums to have survived from antiquity. There are seventy-vaulted rooms under the stadium which are connected and are engaged in all three sections of the theatre. The rows of seats in the arched rooms give a seating capacity of 12,000.

See the famous sarcophagus on a Turkey tour to Perge, called Plancius Verus, belonged to the daughter Magna the governor of Bithynia Plancia who was a woman with a wealthy and civic consciousness and led all of the public affairs in Perge. A large part of Perge is surrounded by walls dating back to the Hellenistic period. After the entrance gate at the start of the city walls, there is a magnificent fountain that was built in honour of emperor Septimus Severus. The pieces of the impressive fountain and the sculptures of Perge are on display in Antalya museum today.

Let the Perge activities begin!

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