See Cracking, Captivating and Charming Krakow on Private Guided Tours

Among the top captivating cities in Europe is Krakow. It is located in the south of Poland and is the second largest city in the Country. You are in for cracking times on a private guided tour of Krakow!

Krakow has a long and interesting history which dates back to the 4th-century settlement of Wawel Hill. It is a city that has been lucky enough to avoid total destruction from the likes of Mongols during the  13th century or Word War II, where it was the only major city in the country not to be completely ruined.

This city is among Europes most fascinating medieval cities that is full of charm and culture. On a city tour you are greeted to wonderful sights such as majestic architecture, monuments, cultural treasures, cobblestoned streets and timeless courtyards.

When you visit Krakow, you then understand exactly why this city is so popular with tourist. It is the ideal destination for that long weekend break away!

Let the activities begin!

Top 10 Things to Do in Krakow

Wawel Castle
1 Take a private guided tour of Wawel Castle which is the crown jewel of architectural treasures in Krakow. It is regarded as Poland's most important historical and artistic building. It consists of great halls, courtyards and churches situated on the top of Wawel Hill. On a tour, you can stroll through the impressive royal chambers and learn about the turbulent history of its buildings, members of the Royal family and politics.  
Wieliczka Salt Mine
2 Visit the worlds most well-preserved salt mine on a private guided tour. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is among the top attractions in Krakow and when you are there, you can see why. There are a number of tour routes to take such as the Tourist Route seeing the saline lakes, magnificent chapels or the Miners Route for the more daring as you travel deeper to the depths of the mine and your veins start to pump adrenalin!  
Ojcowski National Park
3 There are many fantastic and exciting sightseeing and activity tours to do in Ojcowski National Park which is located on the outskirts of Krakow. This national park maybe Polands smallest but it is regarded to be among the most attractive. It consists of many caves, rocky passes, scenic ravines, natural rock formations such as its most famous ‘Club of Hercules” and a diversity of flora and fauna to investigate.
Main Market Square of Krakow
4 The most popular start and finish point for city tours of Krakow is at its Main Market Square. This central Square in Old Town is among the largest of Europes medieval squares and it has witnessed many famous and sometimes horrific events through the centuries. The uniquely named elegant townhouses which surround the square are full of curiosities and history. This is where you will find great Christmas and Easter Markets.
Rynek Underground
5 A truly unique guided tour to intrigue you in Krakow is of Rynek Underground. This is a museum that is located four metres below Main Market Square. It is a very popular and hi-tech museum where you can explore the likes of medieval merchant stalls dating to before the 13th century which were recently excavated. There are over 6,000m of exhibits to see with the majority being multimedia and fascinating. 
Sukiennice (Cloth Hall)
6 The central feature of Main Market Square and Krakow’s most recognizable attractions is Cloth Hall or Sukiennice. This structure dates back to the mid 13th century and originally looked like two rows of trading stalls made of stone with a road running through the centre. However, a roof was built and it became the trading hall. This structure has been through destruction and development and has much to offer a curious tourist.
St Mary’s Basilica
7 St Mary’s Basilica is just another reason why the Main Market Square is great for guided tours. Its original church was left in ruins an the 13th Century and rebuilt in the style of Gothic Architecture. During the 15th century, the iconic towers were added and it is from one of these towers that the famous, on the hour, bugle call comes from. There is much to see and explore on a fascinating tour of its magnificent interior.
National Museum in Krakow
8 This National Museum was established in 1879 and was the original national art collecting institution for Poland. The only public accessible museum up to the end of the First World II. On a private guided tour, you can see wonderful collections of decorative art, arms and armour, ethnography objects, archaeological objects, memorabilia and historical documents from Poland and many other destinations.
Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory
9 Reopened in 2010 as a world class public museum the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory should be a place to see on a private guided tour. Everyone now knows the amazing story of Oskar Schindler and his employee's thanks to the movie Schindler’s List and this museum is a permanent exhibition named ‘Krakow During Nazi Occupation 1939-1945’. This factory is regarded as the country’s most fascinating museums.
Planty Park
10 The perfect escape from city life in the city is Planty Park. While the park is not the medieval city walls that were destroyed and not rebuilt, it is a lovely refreshing alternative. The park encircles the centre of Old Town and has many charming and unique features. On a break from sightseeing tours, this is somewhere to relax and admire the flowers, trees and historical monuments from the plentiful benches found everywhere.

Explore the Mind Blowing Salt Mine in Wieliczka in Guided Tours

See Cracking, Captivating and Charming Krakow on Private Guided Tours

There are a great many guided tours to do, both in Krakow’s city centre as well as on the outskirts. For instance, on full day tours, you should visit the wonderful Salt Mines in Wieliczka and the sombre but must see Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In the city centre, there is the Kazimierz which is the former Jewish Quarter and the Old Town, and these are the two main sections. Each with amazing attractions including the former Royal Castle, Wawel, between them.

Another plus for the city of Krakow is the nightlife as it is reported to have the worlds highest density of bars!

Travel Tips for Krakow