Enter the Ancient Ottoman World on a Safranbolu Tour in Eastern Turkey

Safranbolu was formally known as Zalifre and Tarakliborlu and is a town of the Karabuk Province in Turkey's Black Sea region. The town is parted into three districts, Carsi, Kirankoy and Baglar. The name Safranbolu comes from saffron, which was traded throughout Safranbolu and is still grown in fields 22 kilometres from the town, in the village of Davutobasi, which is renowned for having some of the world’s best saffron which you can purchase while on Safranbolu tours. Throughout the town, saffron is often used in Turkish deserts and also as a dye for carpets. The area of Safranbolu is famous for its Cavus grapes also, with fragile skin and sweet, delicate flavour.  Read More...

Enter the Ancient Ottoman World on a Safranbolu Tour in Eastern Turkey

Safranbolu is well known for its listing in 1994 on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its well preserved Ottoman-era houses and architecture. The old town has many well-preserved buildings, including a museum, twenty-five mosques, five tombs, eight historical fountains, five Turkish baths, a historic clock tower, three caravanserais, a sundial and hundreds of houses and mansions. Not only will you find Ottoman-style houses and architecture on a group tour to Safranbolu there are also ancient ruins found in the old and new towns. A unique feature of Safranbolu is its unusual weather with summer days often ending in thunderstorms, which envelope the sunken valley into darkness. Safranbolu is located just a 4-hour drive from Istanbul, where many private Safranbolu tours depart. Safranbolu maybe less famous than some of Turkeys other destinations, but if you enjoy visiting sites without large crowds of tourists, then Safranbolu is a perfect destination.

The history of Safranbolu dates as far back as 3000 BC, and the town was once a Roman province, hosting many civilisations including the Byzantines, Romans, Seljuk’s and Ottoman Empires. In the 17th century, Safranbolu was located on the main Ottoman trade route, famously known as the silk route. This brought prominence, commerce and money to Safranbolu and became a favourite residence for the Ottoman Royalty. In the time of the 18th and 19th centuries, many of the Safranbolu wealthy inhabitants began building mansions out of sun-dried mud bricks, wood and concrete. During the 19th century, most of the population was Greek until the population exchange in 1923 when many buildings were changed, including the main church that was dedicated to St Stephen, which was renovated into a Great Mosque. Safranbolu steeped in rich history and cultural heritage, and besides the many Ottoman style houses, there are also public buildings of interest dotted about throughout the town which you can see on a Safranbolu city tour.

Ottoman style houses are a prime example of the Turkish social life and the old civilisation of the 18th and 19th century. The planning and size of the houses were massively affected by the large Turkish families. The majority of these Ottoman houses are two or three stories, with 6 to 9 rooms and some larger houses having up to 12 rooms, divided into men’s and women’s quarters. Each room had elaborate decorations, with beautiful woodwork, carved walls and ceiling decorations. Most houses could be entered through a high wall, which opened into a garden area which allowed the women of the houses to do their daily chores without being seen by others. Walking the streets on Safranbolu Turkey tours, you will see that every home is distinct and freshly restored. Many of these houses are now open to the public or have been transformed into hotels, shops of museums.

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