Guided Tours Are Dynamo When in Dynamic and Diverse Dnipropetrovsk

Ukraine's fourth largest city is called Dnipro and up until very recently was known as Dnipropetrovsk. It is located approximately 390 kilometres southeast of Kiev, the capital. There are interesting, enjoyable and diverse private guided tours to be done when you visit Dnipro.

While the city is known to be an industrious one, it is also dynamic, lively and surprisingly green especially along the Dnieper River and the lush green hills.

History and culture are also very important to the people of Dnipro and there is more than one museum to see on guided tours. Other interesting things to see in Dnipro includes parks, planetarium, cathedral and even a fortress.

Let the activities begin!

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Dnipropetrovsk

Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum
1 When you take a guided tour of Dnipropetrovsk National History Museum, you are entering a rich in content and quality museum. There are exhibitions showcasing stone statues, ancient artefacts from Egypt, Russia and Greece as well as fascinating archaeological finds and so much more. This is the ideal place to learn the history of, not just Dnipro, but of Ukraine and other countries with the help of an experienced tour guide.
Menorah Center
2 The Jewish community of Dnipro’s cultural and business center is found in the Menorah Center. This centre is regarded by some to be the largest European, and possibly the world’s, multifunctional Jewish community. This unique architectural building shows the future, present and past of Jewish life in the city. The seven towers are symbolic of the Temple’s Menorah and well worth seeing on a guided tour.
The Saviour’s Transfiguration Cathedral - Dnipro
3 The main Orthodox church of Dnipro is The Savior’s Transfiguration Cathedral. On the 20th May 1787, the first foundation stone of the cathedral was laid by Catherine II of Russia and Austrian Emperor Joseph II. It is regarded to be the most spectacular building of the Yekaterynoslav Classical period and is full of history in its appearance and content. On a guided tour, see this beautiful cathedral with knowledgeable tour guides.
Battle for Dnieper Diorama
4 In 1943 the bloodiest battle in the history of World War II took place here, for the Dnieper River and thousands of soldiers were killed. The Battle for Dnieper Diorama is a museum which represents the scene of the battle with three-dimensional figures and great see with a tour guide. This museum is home to the world’s largest diorama with a large number of tanks and even artillery pieces on display outside the museum.  
Tara’s Shevchenko Park - Dnipro
5 Located in the very centre of Dnipro is the beautiful Taras Shevchenko Park. Due to this parks location on a hill, the views from the observation decks look out over the Dnieper embankment. Along with the park alleys, open air specially equipped chess tables, cascading fountains, cafes, the Potemkin palace with underground labyrinths and tunnels this is a great place to see on guided tours.  
Karl Marx Prospect - Dnipro
6 The Karl Marx Prospect is an area in the city of Dnipro that houses the main cultural, administrative and commercial aspects of Dnipro. In the olden days its was a place for agricultural activities, but nowadays it is modernized with new buildings sitting beside historical ones, it is partially cobblestoned with ornamental gardens and trees. There is plenty to see and learn when on a walking tour with your private tour guide.  
Trinity Cathedral
7 Take a sightseeing tour of The Holy Trinity Cathedral which towers over the city of Dnipro. It is the main Orthodox temple of the city. This Cathedral is among the most valuable, architectural and historical monuments found here. It is extra special at night with the outside lighting and green dome turret roofs making it look majestic. There are fascinating and magical features to be seen and admired including valuable paintings.
The City of Fountains Tour - Dnipro
8 Dnipro is known as the city of fountains due to the many fascinating and interesting fountains located all over the city. There is a specialized guided tour which brings you to see and admire them. The highlight of this tour is the fountain White Swan which at night puts on a musical light and water display. It also happens to be among the tallest fountains in all of Ukraine. This is a stunning spectacular that should not be missed.  
Kodak Fortress Ruins
9 An interesting site to visit on sightseeing tour is the Kodak Fortress Ruins. These ruins are located just outside the of Dnipro in a picturesque place on the Dnieper River’s high banks in a village called Stari Kodaky. The Fortress was once an ancient polish citadel. There are more history and stories to hear about than there is to see but the area is so beautiful it is worth venturing to see the ruins.  
Lazar Globa Park
10 Another stunning park in the centre of Dnipro is the Lazar Globa Park. This is a wonderful place to relax wondering the gardens, picnicking on the lawns or paddle boating on the lake. There are great playing areas for children and swans or ducks to feed. Visit the “Summer Theatre on the water” which was built in 1978 and is a significant symbol of the city. There are cultural actives held here from time to time.  

Take a Step Back in History on a Guided Tour of Dnipro National Historical Museum

Guided Tours Are Dynamo When in Dynamic and Diverse Dnipropetrovsk

It does not matter which or all the museums you visit, make sure it is with a guided tour. Only then are you sure to get the best value for money and learn interesting facts that you could never know if you were wandering the museum yourself. 

The tour guides also are very entertaining and lighten up the tour when it needs to be. The Dnipro National Historical Museum has many fascinating areas to it that will keep you enthralled for hours.

The lively side of Dnipro comes to light mainly in the evening time. There are excellent restaurants, bars, music venues and nightclubs to keep everyone happy till the early hours!

Travel Tips for Dnipro