Have an Adventure in the Snow Paradise of Turkey With a Uludağ Tour

Strongly associated with Bursa, the first capital of the Ottomans which contains the most exquisite examples of early Ottoman architecture all of which can be seen on a Bursa and Uludağ tour. Uludağ (Mount Olympus) has always caught people’s attention since ancient times and became the subject of many legends and myths. For many centuries people believed that the gods and goddesses observed the battle of Troy from this vantage point and that Hercules searched for Hylas, who was kidnapped by the nymphs and his screams were heard over the mountain ridges. In the Byzantine Period, the mountain was an escape for those who wanted to seclude themselves from daily life and the people. Because of its reputation as a secluded place, it was named the Priests’ Mountain during the Ottoman Period.  Read More...

Have an Adventure in the Snow Paradise of Turkey With a Uludağ Tour

Today, famously known as the 'Snow Paradise', Uludağ is the most popular winter sports centre in Turkey offering Uludağ daily skiing tours. The mountain is 2,543 metres high, and its slopes are covered with the right amount of snow from December to April. Catering for all your demands and provides hire facilities, guides and trainers, the ski resort has tourists from all over the world. Uludağ has 13 different pistes which are suitable for cross-country skiing and alpine, snowboarding and heli-skiing. The pistes are graded according to ability and expertise and are equipped with surface and aerial lifts. There are also snowmobiles and Uludağ tours in the snowy pine forests.

Uludağ is not just a winter sports centre but also provides excellent facilities where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday. The resort was designed to make sure your every need was met. Swimming pools, saunas, fitness centres, bars and shopping facilities are readily available. Restaurants, cafes and a lively nightlife with a variety of shows and entertainment are on offer for you to have a wonderful and unforgettable holiday experience. Enjoy sipping warm wine and a delicious meal alfresco while watching everyone enjoying themselves on the slopes, or go inside beside a cosy log fire. The choice is yours!

Another attraction of Uludağ is its proximity to Bursa city, which was once the Ottoman capital and considered the bedrock of Ottoman architecture. If you have a great interest in history and culture, you can take a Uludağ tour to see some of the examples of Ottoman art in Bursa. We must also remind you to try the sumptuous cuisine of Bursa! You could also take a cultural tour to Cumalıkızık, which has maintained its famous ancient town character or İznik (Nicaea) where you can find both Byzantine and Ottoman buildings and monuments. You can also relax and enjoy the therapeutic effects of the thermal spas found in and around Bursa.

Cennetkaya (Paradise Rock), Yılankaya (Snake Rock) and Çobankaya (Shepherd’s Rock) are all sculpted by glaciers are beautiful rock formations. There are camping sites located along the trekking routes such as Karabelen and Kirazlıyayla. The high lakes of Buzlugöl, Kilimligöl, Karagöl and Aynalıgöl are popular picnicking areas frequented by visitors on a daily Uludağ tour from the resorts in the mountains. These four different but beautiful lakes are all nearby so you can visit them all in a single day on an Uludağ private tour or you can set up camp nearby. The best time to visit the lakes is early summer so you can fully appreciate the variety of nature on offer.

Best Time To Visit Uludag

The skiing season in Uludağ lasts for 120 days of the year, and between December 20 and March 20 is the most likely and recommended skiing conditions. At the beginning of the winter season, snow in Uludağ is powdery, but as the season ends, it can become slightly mushy. If you are not going for the winter sports and want it warmer, then go in July and August which are the hottest months.

Typical Costs in Uludag

The costs in Uludağ can vary depending on where you are staying. If you are staying in the ski resort then eating and drinking will be a little more expensive than if you are dining in a local restaurant in Uludağ. Transport in Uludağ is relatively cheap whether you chose the local bus or pay a little more and choose to get around by taxi.

Know Before Visiting Uludag

Always check with the embassy before visiting Uludağ as you may need to obtain a Visa before entering Turkey. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear when on your Uludağ private tour so that you're comfortable. Also if you are visiting any religious places make sure you stay covered. If possible Keep a copy of your passport and any valuables in your hotel safe. If you are taking part in the winter sports make sure you have adequate insurance to cover this.

Weather in Uludag

The weather in Uludağ varies quite a lot in the winter it can drop to below freezing which is why it is an ideal place for winter sports. In the height of the summer especially the period between July and August, it can reach 30 Celsius which is more ideal if you have come to Uludağ to do see the historical sights on a daily Uludağ to tour. The weather in Spring and Autumn averages between 15 and 20 Celsius.

Dining And Nightlife in Uludag

If you are staying in Uludağ ski resort, there are a good choice of restaurants and bars to choose with a variety of menus, or you could want to wine and dine in your hotel. In Uludağ itself there is a choice of local Turkish restaurants serving some fantastic cuisine, or if you prefer, there are establishments with international menus. The nightlife is a little more subdued in Uludağ with some excellent local bars with some live music.

Shopping in Uludag

Shopping in Uludağ is again centred around the ski resort which offers different shops for souvenirs, clothing and other goods. If you want a more traditional shopping experience then head to Bursa on a Bursa and Uludağ tour and go to the Bazaar or the main street in the city centre where you will find a whole array of goods to take home to remember your holiday by.

How to Reach Uludag

You can fly into Bursa's airport where you can fly into from most major cities in Turkey. If travelling from a different country, you may need to connect at Istanbul or Ankara. Uludağ is about a hours drive from Bursa Airport.

You can go to Uludağ Ski Centre can by cable car. There are four cable car lines in service, and two of them are located in Bursa Kadıyayla, and two of them are found in Kadıyayla Sarı Alan. Every line can carry up to 30 people at a time. However, you cannot take any skiing kits by cable car.

You can travel by bus from most major Turkish cities. First, you will arrive at Bursa's central station then get a local bus to Uludağ.


Let the Uludag activities begin!

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