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Vatican City is Rome's most majestic and magnificent location and with millions of visitors each year it's easy to see what attracts individuals to this monarchy, discover big things in the little city with Vatican tours. The Pope is not only the leader of millions of Catholics around the world but also the ruler of The Vatican. The Pope’s home is fittingly called The Apostolic Palace. The Palace houses the Papal apartments, the Pope’s offices, the spectacular Vatican museums, and has over 1,400 rooms. Michaelangelo’s breathtaking Sistine Chapel is also situated within The Apostolic Palace. Take a private Vatican and Sistine chape tour with an expert guide and discover more about this renaissance masterpiece.

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The Vatican is the heart of the Catholic Church and serves as a pilgrimage spot for many Catholics and Christians to celebrate their faith. Of course, not everyone that visits The Vatican is there for religion, tourists congregate to see the biggest names in the art and architectural world - so having the chance to see so many of them in the same place is a perfect reason to take Vatican tours. Being the smallest country and city in the world, the Vatican has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with so many other historical sites in Italy. Take our UNESCO jewels guided tour to see the Vatican, Tivoli, Florence, Venice with many more amazing places and an opportunity definitely not to be missed!

Vatican Tours Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best day to visit Vatican City?

If you can, try to visit the Vatican on a weekday. The weekends in Vatican City are notoriously busy, especially through peak summer months. On Sundays, the museums are closed which makes Saturdays incredibly crowded. If your wishing to see The Pope a general audience is held on Wednesdays at 10:30 am however this event attracts enormous crowds. The best season to go would be through the colder months of November, December and January. Italian winters are very mild and you'll get to admire the masterpieces without the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

What is the dress code for The Vatican?

The dress code for all of the museums in Vatican city is for both men and women, both need to cover their knees and upper arms. Wearing shorts or skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and low-cut shirts is strictly prohibited and you will not be allowed to enter. Men must not wear hats inside whereas women may continue wearing theirs. Although this can be harder to follow during the summer months, without following these guidelines, you will be turned away or suggested to buy a shawl to cover up. Therefore, your best bet is to follow the rules and wear the appropriate clothing. Please note visitors are also required to leave in the cloakroom all luggage, suitcases, rucksacks, packages and containers not considered suitable by staff on account of their size or nature.

Is there anything to do on a night time in Vatican City?

Visiting the Vatican at night is a whole new experience and even more meaningful if you’ve previously seen it during the day. The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel at night are more perceptible and this when the palaces are at their most serene state, creating an atmosphere that is supreme. Few visitors are aware that the Vatican can be visited in the night throughout the summer months where you can partake in viewing its galleries and apartments with a private Vatican at night tour. With regards to dining and bars, there's nothing like this open in Vatican City at night but just outside of the city, in the neighbouring districts of Rome, are great bars and restaurants. 

Are children allowed on tours in The Vatican?

The Vatican Museums are well equipt for families with children participating in tours. Changing facility, nursing rooms and stroller access are all available. The Vatican museums & Sistine chapel tour for families is specifically aimed at families with children. Taking a slow, well explained and detailed tour of the museums your guide is trained in engaging young visitors, making the tour more interactive and fun. 

What day is the pope there and can we see him?

There are many chances to see the Pope on your Vatican sightseeing tour. Sunday mornings before noon is when the pope appears from his residence in the papal apartments and gives the weekly Angelus prayer. There's also a papal audience on Wednesday mornings, these tickets are hard to come by which is why thanks to our secured priority admission to the event we cover transport and guaranteed entry on our Papal Audience with Pope Francis tour.

What are the advantages of having a Private Vatican City tour?

On a private Vatican City tour, you have the benefit of your own personal guide focusing on you and your party alone making your time in Vatican City much more enjoyable. Your local guide is there to offer their extensive knowledge of Vatican City and offer a personalised experience - If you have the questions, your guide has the answers! You can choose the itinerary to suit you and your parties needs, taking in the sights at your own stress-free pace. All our of Vatican tours are inclusive of skip-the-line tickets which will mean no queuing up for hours in the sun and for this alone is definitely worth the expense!